Fatal Error c0000034 After Service Pack Install

Recently a Friend of mine got an error on his computer when booting.

Fatal error C0000034 applying update operation 282 of 117809 (_00000…)

After some digging i found out that there was an issue with the Windows 7 SP1 Upgrade that had recently ran on his computer. After some digging i found this Microsoft Article that seemed to solve the problem.


Short Notes are:
Download This VBS and Delete the “.txt” extension and place it on a usb drive.

1. Reboot the Computer while tapping F8 to enter advanced boot options.
2. Select Repair your Computer
3. Under System Recovery Options, make a note of the Windows 7 drive letter listed on the line below Choose a recovery tool. EX: Operating system: Windows 7 on (C:)
4. Select the command prompt option
5. Navigate to the USB drive Letter (Trial and error worked for me)
6. Run this command

Cscript Script.vbs:\Windows\winsxs\pending.xml.

7. You should get an output similar to this

2 POQ nodes removed. Script Completed

8. Reboot Computer and Updates should complete Normally.

Hope this helps.

I found some additional info on this forum post.

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